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MathCCY stands for Math Currency. Cryptocurrencies are backed by math. Math proofs are irrefutable, and people trust math more than anything. MathCCY offers a way to grow your cryptocurrency portfolio and much more.


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About the Company

Math Currencies Limited was founded by traditional market traders. Our goals and priorities are to ensure the maximum returns for our investors and to further develop our trading algorithms and adapt to the evolving market pace. Our approach is geared towards building a reputation that would attract new users and help us rank as the top investment platform and sustain excellent long-term performance.

Why cryptocurrencies

Math is the fundamental element that makes block chains and cryptocurrencies work. Because of math cryptocurrencies have a very good chance of succeeding in managing a global monetary system. Cryptocurrencies are truly global currencies not governed by any state or corporation. Such math-based currencies shift the model of trust from people to math. Trusting math-money is seen as more reliable than trusting banks with your money. Those were the reasons why our company decided to change its focus from traditional markets towards this new generation of innovative technology. Our focus is making profitable algorithmic trading and market making that we can use to invest our investor's money.

U.K. Registered

Registration number: #11221190

Math Currencies Limited is a registered company in the United Kingdom with headquarters based out of 26 Old Park Ridings, Winchmore Hill, London


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  • Representatives receive higher commissions from the three-levels affiliate program. To become a representative, get in touch with us. We will ask you few questions and then upgrade your account. You will need to be able to attract more users. There are other advantages that can be explained once you have contacted us.

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